The Top 3 Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance

With the rising cost of car insurance every year, it’s apparent to many companies that consumers want the best bang for their buck. While getting price quotes for coverage before you purchase is important there are other methods to look into before making your decision.

These are some of our top suggestions on how to make your car insurance as inexpensive as possible.

Pay Your Bills On Time
While it seems like common sense, most people forget that their credit score will pay a significant impact on the car insurance quotes that they receive. Companies want customers who are reliable and stick to their word. A client with a low credit score will raise some red flags.

The exception to this rule lies within Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii. These states don’t allow for insurance companies to consider credit when setting their rates. The best way to raise your credit score is simply by paying your bills on time and reducing the overall amount of debt that you possess.

Get Rid of Media-Bias and Assumptions
Ever had a car insurance company commercial stuck in your head? Good neighbors and talking geckos may seem enticing at a glance, but never assume that one company is cheaper just because their marketing strategy is popular.

No single car insurance company can claim to be the lowest price. The reason for this is simple. What may seem like a deal for one person in one state may be the most expensive for a driver elsewhere. It is vital that you get a price quote and shop around before making a purchase.

Be On the Lookout for Discounts
There’s often a significant chance that discounts for car insurance can be made available to you depending on a variety of other circumstances. Be on the lookout for price breaks if you:

  • Have taken a safe driver course.
  • Have a clean record.
  • Are willing to place a monitor device in your vehicle.
  • Bundle your car insurance policy.
  • Insure multiple vehicles under one policy.
  • Pay a premium all at once.


Keep Searching For the Opportunity
Whether it’s paying your bills on time, getting rid of media-placed biases, or researching discounts there are plenty of ways to try and lower the price of your car insurance. While we’ve only listed a few here, Quote Devil Car Insurance is dedicated to finding your best possible price.

Can you think of any other vital tips on how to lower your car insurance costs?

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