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Getting a low-cost quote on your first premium is always very difficult, so we are highly dedicated to getting first-time drivers the lowest price possible. By comparing your cover requirements with our wide range of insurance policies, we can guarantee to get you the best low-cost deals on the market. If you are also a very experienced driver with previous no claims bonus, we can also help you out, working together to bring the price down on your premium. Getting the right cover at the right price is what we specialise in and with an excellent customer service team, we can help you out every step of the way.

Car Insurance for Declined Drivers

Have you ever been refused car insurance and don’t know where to turn next? Let Quote Devil give you a helping hand. We provide specialist cover for declined drivers. Whether you have a conviction or have lost your no claims bonus, our driver friendly insurance broker will always help you out. It is inevitable that your premium may be higher, but we will allow you to build up your no claims bonus overtime and then you will see dramatic reductions in the future. Quote Devil are one of a handful of companies who can guarantee cover no matter what the circumstances due to having specialist underwriters.

Instant Online Motor Insurance

Getting an instant online motor insurance quote couldn’t be simpler. Simply complete our car insurance form and you will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us by phone and one of our friendly representatives will take care of you. As Ireland’s leading car insurance comparison experts, we can guarantee lower premiums than most. Over the phone, you can get a quote in just 60 seconds and online in under 3 minutes.

Why You Need To Know About The Quote Devil Car Insurance Cover Limits

Why You Need To Know About The Quote Devil Car Insurance Cover Limits

When you are buying vehicle insurance you need to realize you are getting something that is going to be needed and often required by law. The problem is a lot of people will just buy the first insurance plan they see that looks affordable and this is often seen as a mistake. The mistake comes from the fact that the insurance is going to be completely different than what you would expect the coverage to be, but also from the fact that you may not know what kind of coverage limits you have. This is when you need to know the value of getting the quote Devil Car Insurance cover limits, see more at QuoteDevil.ie/car-insurance. Then you can finally know if you are getting the right insurance plan for your vehicle with the proper coverage limits or if you are getting a bad policy.

It Lets You Know How Much Is Covered 

This is something that you will really want to know about with the quote Devil Car Insurance cover. When you are getting these quotes they will often allow you to know how much is covered and of what type of coverage. This may seem a little bit odd, but when you have vehicle insurance you will find that it is going to change the type of coverage depending on what you are using it for. Some of the common coverage types that people will have on their vehicles is going to be easy to figure out, but not all of them will be that easy as some of them are going to have different coverage than what people were expecting.

Comprehensive coverage is going to be one of the types that you are going to have. This is a coverage that you will find is also the most expensive for you to carry, but it does cover almost every aspect of everything that you can imagine for your vehicle. For example, you will find this coverage is the one that will generally cover if your vehicle has a tree fall on it in the driveway, but it will also provide the coverage that is needed if the vehicle is involved in an accident with a motorist who does not have the right type of insurance.


Medical coverage is a type of coverage that is going to be a great feature for some people to have. This coverage is one that will allow people to get some of the medical bills paid if they are involved in an accident. Typically this will pay the medical bills of the other person, but in some cases, it can pay for the medical bills of the people who are injured in the collision. So this type of coverage will definitely help to pay for any medical bills that are not covered by the traditional insurance plans that people have.

Liability coverage is the cheapest type of coverage and often seen as the minimum that is required. This coverage will only pay to the individual that you hit if you were at fault in the accident. The downside is this means that your own medical bills are not covered and neither is your vehicle. So you will have to get the vehicle and know it will be totaled or you would be completely responsible for all the repairs that are needed on the vehicle without any payments from the insurance company to help you pay for the repairs that are needed.

Allows You To Find Out The Deductible For Each Coverage 

By reviewing the quote Devil Car Insurance cover you will notice it allows you to learn more about the deductible amount for each coverage type. This may not seem like it would be that important, but you need to realize that the deductibles can be different for each type of coverage you are getting. So you need to make sure you know about the coverage limits and the deductibles. Check out their Quote Devil’s Facebook Page.

Remember when you are looking at the deductible this is the amount you have to pay out before you are going to have any insurance coverage start to pay. The higher the deductible amounts the lower your monthly premium will be, but this does mean you have to pay this amount before the insurance coverage will kick in.

Helps You Know If You Can Decrease Coverage 

Sometimes when you are reviewing your coverage limits you may notice that some of the coverage is quite a bit higher than what you need. For example, if you were driving a Porsche and had to downsize to a family sedan, then you may not need to have the same vehicle replacement coverage  in place. However, because you just switched plans you may find that your insurance company did not make the changes to the coverage as well. So reviewing this part of your plan will let you know how much you can reduce your coverage down. Then you can finally have an affordable plan that will help you out.

How Much The Coverage Is Responsible For 

This is going to be something that you need to know about as well. When you are looking at your insurance coverage you will notice that it will have certain limits in place or top end amounts. Usually, this is quite a bit higher than what you would expect or need, but it is important to know. When you know about the coverage amounts it will let you know more about the coverage you have in place and how much the insurance company will pay out before you have to pay.

Being able to get the best car insurance is a good thing. However, sometimes people will find that it is very difficult for them to find the right coverage. This is when they should know more about the quote Devil Car Insurance cover and why it is so important for them to review the coverage amounts and limits. By getting this information it will be quite a bit easier for people to know if they are getting a good deal on the insurance or not.

Your Guide To Car Insurance Cover

Your Guide To Car Insurance Cover  

When it comes to car insurance cover, it will mainly depend on the policy type that you have. Typically, this coverage will cover a vehicle, the damages that you may cause to another vehicle, the property of the other driver along with other motorists involved in an accident.
However, motor policies can also include, or you can extend the policy to include coverage for numerous other items. These involve breakdown assistance, towing services, medical expenses and even personal belongings.

The Main Motor Insurance Types 

1. Third Party 

Third Party policies are classified as the lowest levels of cover. This will protect you from damages that you have caused or from a passenger to another driver. This is inclusive of damages caused to vehicles and the drivers along with accidental damage which is caused to walls and lampposts. Third Party does not include cover for your vehicle, which means you will be liable for any costs involved for damages to yourself or your car.

2. Third Party, Fire, And Theft 

The Third Party, Fire, and Theft includes coverage for everything in Third Party Cover, along with paying for the replacement or repairs for your car when it is destroyed or damaged by a fire or stolen.

3. Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover 

This option offers the most extensive coverage level, which will include everything in the Third Party and Third Party, Fire, and Theft, but also offers wider damage coverage when it comes to your car. A few of these options may also offer insurance for driving other people’s vehicles and in some cases the hire cars. However, this is usually only for the Third-Party level.

How Is Your Premium Worked Out? 

The vehicle insurers set an amount that you are required to pay according to various factors. This can involve your driver record, the car itself and your own personal circumstances.
An example of this is when you are a mature driver with many years of driving experience and you drive a sensible and safe car, and you reside in a relatively safe location, the premium you are offered will be cheaper.
However, when you are still regarded as an inexperienced and young driver and you drive a high-performance vehicle, costs associated with your policy will be higher.

What You Need To Know About Excess 

An excess is an amount you will be required to pay towards claims that you make on the policy. An example of this may include when your claim amount is worth £500, and the excess amount is £100, your provider will only pay out £400.
Most of the motor vehicle insurers offer two excess types. This is associated with a compulsory excess that is set and cannot be modified. The second type is known as the voluntary excess, where you can decide on the amount.
It is important to set the voluntary option with care. If you think you are able to contribute a larger amount towards claims, then the insurance company might offer you with a lowered premium as a reward. However, this can result in making claims on the cover a very expensive exercise.

Are You Covered To Drive Overseas? 

When driving your own vehicle around the EU, your car insurance cover will provide you with coverage automatically to match up to minimum legal requirements in the country that you drive in. However, in most cases, this usually only includes the basic Third-Party insurance. If you own comprehensive cover, then the insurers might extend the policy over a set time frame at this same level.
This is known as a free allowance period which will vary from one company that offers motor vehicle insurance to the next, from long weekends to an entire year’s worth. The more common offer includes a 60 to 90-day period. As this time frame elapses, the cover will revert back to a basic legal-level.
There are a few companies that allow for extensions on the allowance periods. This is usually possible when taking the policy out, at a typical price of £20, in some cases more. On the other hand, you can always contact the vehicle insurers after you have purchased your cover to ask for an extension.

What You Need To Know About A No-Claims Bonus 

The term no-claims bonus refers to discounts that the insurer offers their policyholders when they remain claim free over a specified time-frame. Dependent on who your car is insured with, each year that you do not claim can result in increased discounts.
This bonus immediately falls away or is cut when you need to claim. However, some motor insurers may decrease the amount of the bonus which may include the claims whereby the accident was not your fault.
There is a way to reduce the impact of your claims on the bonus when you pay in an additional amount in order to protect it. With the no claims bonus protection, there will be a set number for the claims which are regarded as exempt from having an effect on the discount. For example, a maximum number of 2 to 3 claims in a 3-year period is usually common.
This is the type of protection which guards you against losing your discount altogether resulting from claims. But, it is important to consider that the premium may still be raised according to the discount that it was applied to. What this ultimately means is that while you might save a bit of money, the protection is not a guarantee that the premiums that you are paying will not increase when you claim.

Are You Able To Drive Other Cars Under Your Coverage? 

Certain comprehensive car insurance cover allows the driver to drive the vehicles of family members and friends and may also allow the driver to drive a hire car. The cover for driving other cars in most instances only offers Third Party coverage. With most of the policies, you also have the option to add additional drivers, which is called a named driver. This means that these named people will also be covered when they use your vehicle.

Tips On How To Keep Your Premiums Low 

There are a few ways you can quickly lower your premiums over and above extensive research on the different insurance providers:

Mileage limit 

The overall miles that you travel every year is limited to the pre-agreed maximum.

Voluntary excess 

This option will mean you will be liable for paying an additional amount over and above the set amount of the basic-excess associated with most of the policies when you are involved in an accident. The exchange for this commitment which is regarded as risky means you can enjoy paying lower premiums every month.

– Increase your security 

Another effective way to lower your current premium is to install a security device like a tracking system, steering-wheel lock or an immobiliser.

– Parking measures 

If you have a garage where you live, make sure you park your car inside a locked garage every night, this is one of the common measures known for lowering the amount you pay for the cover every month. If you don’t have a garage, keep your car parked on your driveway behind a locked gate every night.

– Take A Driving Course 

If you are serious about lowering the costs of your motor vehicle insurance coverage, you may want to consider a Pass Plus training course. This course was designed and set out by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) . If you manage to complete and pass the course you will be awarded a Pass Plus certificate that enables you to request for a discount on your insurance.

What Are the Differences in Car Insurance?

When trying to consider which type of car insurance is for you, it can be confusing to know what exactly you’re getting into. What coverage best fits your needs for the kind of vehicle that you have? The difference between owning a new and used form of transportation can influence these decisions.

Depending on the state in which you currently reside, there are also specific requirements to be met. Here are a few examples of different car insurances and when you would need to obtain them.

When Do You Need Collision Coverage Insurance?
If you get into an accident, having collision coverage will pay for any repairs needed for your car. If your vehicle has been completely wrecked by the crash to the point where repairs exceed the worth of the car, collision coverage will pay you the value of the vehicle itself.

An owner with an older car that has lower worth on the market may not find that it’s worth getting collision coverage. It all depends on your car’s value. One thing to know that if you have leased a car, this coverage is often required.

When Should You Get Personal Injury Protection?
In our opinion, this is one of the most important types of insurance to invest in. If you’re ever in an unfortunate accident, the costs of recovering quickly add up. This type of coverage can assist with your medical bills along with any passenger in the car.

The best part of personal injury protection is that it will cover you regardless of who is at fault for the accident. The only downside is that this coverage is not available to obtain in all fifty states.

When Is Liability Insurance Worth the Money?
When being found at fault for a car accident is when liability insurance will cover you for your actions. The coverage pays for the cost of repairing property damaged as well as any medical bills claimed from injuries obtained.

This is one of the more popular types of car insurance, and most states have a minimum for the amount of coverage that drivers have. If this coverage is affordable in your budget, it’s a good investment to look into.

You never know when an accident will happen and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Not having a lot of liability coverage can run the risk of paying a large sum because of an exceeded policy limit.

The Top 3 Tips for Cheaper Car Insurance

With the rising cost of car insurance every year, it’s apparent to many companies that consumers want the best bang for their buck. While getting price quotes for coverage before you purchase is important there are other methods to look into before making your decision.

These are some of our top suggestions on how to make your car insurance as inexpensive as possible.

Pay Your Bills On Time
While it seems like common sense, most people forget that their credit score will pay a significant impact on the car insurance quotes that they receive. Companies want customers who are reliable and stick to their word. A client with a low credit score will raise some red flags.

The exception to this rule lies within Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii. These states don’t allow for insurance companies to consider credit when setting their rates. The best way to raise your credit score is simply by paying your bills on time and reducing the overall amount of debt that you possess.

Get Rid of Media-Bias and Assumptions
Ever had a car insurance company commercial stuck in your head? Good neighbors and talking geckos may seem enticing at a glance, but never assume that one company is cheaper just because their marketing strategy is popular.

No single car insurance company can claim to be the lowest price. The reason for this is simple. What may seem like a deal for one person in one state may be the most expensive for a driver elsewhere. It is vital that you get a price quote and shop around before making a purchase.

Be On the Lookout for Discounts
There’s often a significant chance that discounts for car insurance can be made available to you depending on a variety of other circumstances. Be on the lookout for price breaks if you:

  • Have taken a safe driver course.
  • Have a clean record.
  • Are willing to place a monitor device in your vehicle.
  • Bundle your car insurance policy.
  • Insure multiple vehicles under one policy.
  • Pay a premium all at once.


Keep Searching For the Opportunity
Whether it’s paying your bills on time, getting rid of media-placed biases, or researching discounts there are plenty of ways to try and lower the price of your car insurance. While we’ve only listed a few here, Quote Devil Car Insurance is dedicated to finding your best possible price.

Can you think of any other vital tips on how to lower your car insurance costs?